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23 October 2019 by Jeff Kolve
E Hire Jobdescriptions

​At eHire, our clients often ask us what they should and should not include in their job description. You want to make sure you get great candidates and that is totally understandable. Often, the temptation is to list every single quality that perfect hire must have to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

The problem here is many awesome candidates also have imposter syndrome, meaning they might talk themselves out of applying for your job because they don’t think they are qualified.

We recommend running a simple LinkedIn search for people already working in the role you are hiring for. This will give you a sense of common skill sets, education and years of experience.

By creating a realistic job description, you will have a much higher likelihood of attracting great people who can help you meet your deadlines and achieve your business goals.

​Jeff Kolve, Director of Recruiting at eHire, sheds some light on how to create a realistic job description so you can attract great people quickly, meet your deadlines and achieve your business goals.

Check out this one minute video for more insights:

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