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20 November 2019 by Kyle Tothill
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​3 Key Factors That Will Supercharge Your Employment Brand On Social Media

In today’s market, job seekers have more choices than ever before. ​

You are competing with many other companies to attract the best talent.

So how can you set yourself apart from the pack?

The answer is social media!

Changing jobs is a big life decision and job seekers want to make the best choice possible.

Social media can help them understand what it would be like to work for your company.

Kyle Tothill, Managing Director at eHire, offers three key factors you should consider to elevate your company’s employment brand:

Here are some great examples of companies using Instagram to build their employment brand:

​SalesLoftshares how it blends its commitment to the community with employee perks.

Kabbage shares its love for both humans and furry friends. ​

JLL highlights the human element of how their team members can become the best version of themselves. ​