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26 July 2021 by Kyle Tothill
Is It Ok To Decline Friday Afternoon Meetings
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Is It OK to Decline Friday Afternoon Meetings?

No one enjoys going to a meeting early on a Monday, but some may argue that a late afternoon meeting on Friday is even worse. With most people looking to go home for the weekend and no time left to take action on anything discussed in the meeting, it's hard for many to see the point. 

Declining a Friday 4 p.m. meeting is OK and can even be downright liberating. In fact, the "Right to Decline" can be an important part of your productivity and prioritization at work. Being able to recognize which meetings will be productive and which ones won't make you more of an asset to the team.

You can learn more about the right to decline here and discover why a workplace that values individual rights rather than structure is more efficient. Remember, it's always better to recognize your rights and your value before you get dragged into an unnecessary meeting that's unlikely to be productive solely due to the time it's taking place.

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