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12 August 2021 by Kyle Tothill
3 Signs Your Hiring Process Isnt Working For You
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3 Signs Your Hiring Process Isn't Working for You

The hiring process is a legitimate challenge for many businesses, and if you're struggling with the process of recruiting the best talent, you're not alone. 49% of the workforce has turned down an offer due to a bad recruiting experience. The methods that used to draw talent aren't working with the current workforce. In addition, hiring managers have to deal with juggling advertising platforms, recruitment technology, gatekeeping resume scanners that sometimes overlook good candidates who didn’t use the right keywords, and more. 

There could be a wide range of reasons why you're not hitting your recruiting goals, and you might be surprised at just how easy these things are to overlook. If you're experiencing issues like not getting hits on your latest job descriptions, high employee turnover, not attracting and keeping top talent, or your HR department seems overwhelmed, it might be time to evaluate where your process isn't working. Learn more about the signs you’re recruiting and hiring process isn’t working and what you can do about it HERE.

eHIre not only identifies top talent in tech, but works with businesses to create customized hiring processes that are efficient for your business and also works well for potential new hires. We analyze hiring processes compared to industry best practices, business needs, and the skills desired to create the best hiring plans. Get in touch with one of our recruitment specialists HERE.