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16 September 2021 by Jeff Kolve
​How Video Is Changing And Even Upgrading The Hiring Process
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How Video Is Changing and Even Upgrading the Hiring Process

The pandemic has changed the entire way we work, including the hiring process, with video conferences and interviews through platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams. Digital video has not only changed the hiring process, it’s upgrading it as well.

Using video is allowing many companies, especially those searching for specialized talent, to broaden their search and cover geographic areas they would never have previously. It’s allowed other businesses to cut down on the time their hiring process takes, as well as perform skills assessments in real time. And once someone is hired, video can streamline the onboarding and training process.

Learn more about the ways digital video is upgrading the hiring and onboarding processes HERE, and then consider the ways you can better implement video into your recruitment and hiring process.

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