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22 March 2022 by Amanda Morse
The Equitable Workplace
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The Equitable Workplace: How to Create a More Supportive Workplace Culture for Women

With so many companies adapting new work-from-home hybrid models, it’s become more important than ever to be mindful about how we’re supporting our female employees. As we’ve seen over the last few years, women are often carrying a heavy load when it comes to balancing domestic and parental duties, as well as their responsibilities at work.

What Can We Do to Create a More Equitable Workplace for Women?

Acknowledge there’s an issue at hand. Don’t wait for your team members to speak up about the inequity women face in the workforce; point it out yourself! What a relief it could be for your female employees to know that you see their struggle and want to better support them.

Be honest about your company and culture. Do your employees feel they can speak freely about their challenges and needs, or have you allowed a culture to thrive where people feel they need to hide their personal needs from their co-workers? You can’t shy away from the hard questions if you want to improve.

Talk to your female employees. Want to know what working women need in order to keep all their plates spinning? Ask them. You have a wealth of knowledge right on your own team!

Show solidarity. Maybe you’ve already implemented substantial equitable benefits and policies in your company; that’s great! But are you modeling these policies for your team? It’s important to show that participating in this new culture is encouraged.

Don’t wait until there’s a problem. Think ahead and have procedures in place to allow for productive conversations around your employees’ evolving needs. 

Learn More About Creating a Supportive, Equitable Workplace Culture for Women

Want to learn more about how to support your female team members? Check out this article from Forbes for more tools.

Make Sure Your Company Is Following Best Practices in the Hiring Process for Women

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