Summer 2023: Key Insights for Hiring Managers

2023-06-14 by Kyle Tothill

Summer 2023: Key Insights for Hiring Managers

Summer 2023: Key Insights for Hiring Managers

As the technology job market evolves in the second half of 2023, hiring managers must adapt their strategies to attract and hire top talent. By understanding the current market trends, leveraging the opportunity presented by the tech recession, embracing a strategic approach, and focusing on employer branding, flexibility, and inclusivity, hiring managers can navigate the changing landscape and secure the talent needed to drive innovation and success in the technology industry. 

1. Embrace a Strategic, Proactive Approach

The biggest trend in the technology job market is a shift from reactive recruiting to a strategic, proactive, and programmatic approach. Forward-thinking leaders recognize the need to build talent pipelines, foster long-term candidate relationships, and align hiring efforts with organizational goals. This approach allows companies to secure top talent even in the specter of the current tech market preventing reactive hiring decisions. 

2. Leverage this Tech Market as an Opportunity

Despite the challenges posed by the tech slowdown, it presents a unique opportunity for forward-thinking leaders to seize top talent. By leveraging their resources and showcasing a commitment to innovation, companies can position themselves as industry leaders and attract high-quality candidates who are seeking stable and forward-thinking organizations. Hiring technologists is never simple but if your company is able to position itself positively in the marketplace, even in slower hiring cycles, it will pay off.

3. Foster a Flexible and Inclusive Work Environment

Offering remote and flexible work arrangements is crucial to attract and retain top talent. Hiring managers should invest in the necessary tools and infrastructure to support remote collaboration and productivity. Our clients have found when they consider the needs of the person and the position, the company is able to move quickly on hiring and the execution of their deliverables.