Small Change, Big Impact: Interview Advice That Actually Helps

2023-08-09 by Jeff Kolve

Small Change, Big Impact: Interview Advice That Actually Helps

Small Change, Big Impact: Interview Advice That Actually Helps

eHire works with many talented candidates. Being humble is an admirable trait in some of the most talented leaders, sales people, and technologists. Yet, modesty during the interview can be counterproductive to interviewing effectively. We educate our candidates on several techniques to help you speak clearly about experiences and accomplishments. 


Speak with Conviction


A small mindset change can help you land the job. When interviewing, showcase yourself, accomplishments, experiences, and capabilities through a filter as if you are “The Person for the job” and not a “Person that can do the job”. This filter will help you speak with conviction and confidence.  Jeff Kolve, eHire’s Director of Sales, has a great video about this. 


Watch Your Pronouns


A common mistake people make is downplaying their role. Using language like “we” instead of “I” can make it difficult for the interviewer to differentiate what you did versus what others contributed. You can recognize others’ effort without diminishing the contributions you made. Be specific and highlight what you did and how you influenced the success of the project.


Practice Telling Your Story


Conversational interviews can be a trap when candidates are only prepared to discuss skills related to the role. To bring relevant experiences to life, practice speaking vividly about your experiences, describing the project goals at a high level but offering specific examples of your contributions. Focus on tangible, quantifiable accomplishments. A great place to start is by using the STAR method. 


Address the Uncomfortable


We also advise asking the interviewer at the end of the interview what concerns they may have about your candidacy for the role. This takes confidence. It may feel bold or uncomfortable but it allows you to address any concerns so there are no lingering assumptions about your experience and ability to do the job.

Remember, practice makes perfect. eHire has over a decade of experience walking candidates through important interview conversations. We would be delighted to represent you. If you have any questions about interviewing, resume writing, or job searches - please reach out to us through our website and check out our current job openings.