CONA Services, LLC

CONA Services, LLC

CONA Services, LLC

Getting Started

CONA Services expanded it digital capabilities, taking on the responsibility of B2B online ordering in the United States. To do this CONA established a Chief Digital Officer to stand-up a Digital Office featuring Product, Engineering, Marketing and Operations to serve its bottlers and bottler customers. 

The Digital Office was expected to hire between 20 to 25 new employees, with the most critical roles in place by the end of June 2023 to support the third quarter 2023 myCoke deployments.



A Partnership Arises

Traditionally, CONA Leadership is accountable for staffing a team. Historically, this has not been a major effort as CONA has hired less than 10 new people over the prior 2 years.

CONA Services did not have a Talent Acquisition function or related systems and tooling in place. Things like an applicant tracking system, mass job board publishing, advanced search and communication subscriptions were not part of their current toolbox. Nor did they have established processes for hiring at this scale against a compressed timeline.

In order to hit the timelines established to fill the critical roles that have been identified, the CONA Leadership team engaged with eHire to recommend and execute a hiring project plan. 

Journey to Success

The first thing eHire delivered was a Senior Talent Director to organize, manage, drive the process as well as partner with CONA Digital Office Leadership to build up the team. This resource was tasked with managing recruiting operations, coordinating schedules, compiling and summarizing data to meet needs of the timeline and ensure success. 

Without a formal Talent Acquisition team, eHire also trained CONA Leadership in interview techniques and scoring. 

eHire then laid the groundwork for the employment brand, compiling market intelligence and providing compensation guidance. Once the operational plan and interview process outline was completed, eHire started the recruitment process.

 On Time, Under Budget

Not only did eHire present a high number of quality candidates, eHire helped hire all 23 highly technical and experienced developers and digital marketers on time and under budget. DEI candidates accounted for over 60% of those submitted and hired. 


After the project was completed, it was calculated that using a traditional staffing model would have cost twice as much in hours and fees. eHire also was able to present offers at 5% less than originally budgeted.  

CONA celebrated the success of their new Digital Office in October 2023 with employees, executives, and partners. We look forward to seeing the future achievements of our friends as they make a positive impact on CONA’s future.

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