Accelerating Growth and Establishing Market Leadership – Featurespace's Strategic Partnership with eHire




In 2017, Featurespace, a leading bank fraud detection software company based in the United Kingdom, embarked on an ambitious expansion plan into the United States market. To facilitate this crucial transition, Featurespace partnered with eHire, a talent solutions firm specializing in talent acquisition and market entry strategies.




Featurespace sought to establish its North American presence by opening its headquarters and operations in the United States. Recognizing the challenges of entering a new market, Featurespace enlisted the expertise of eHire to navigate the complexities and ensure a successful market entry.



  • Lack of market knowledge and connections in the United States.

  • Need for a comprehensive community engagement strategy.

  • Alignment of salary structures and hiring priorities for US operations.

  • Recruitment of key engineering, GTM, and implementation roles.


Strategic Approach:


Community Engagement Strategy:

eHire collaborated closely with Featurespace's CEO & Founder to develop a robust community engagement strategy. This involved making vital community introductions and establishing essential market connections, laying the foundation for Featurespace's presence in the US market.


Employment Brand Strategy:

eHire curated an employment brand strategy for Featurespace, ensuring the company's image as an employer of choice in the industry. This strategy was designed to attract top talent and establish a positive reputation in the competitive US job market.


Market Analysis and Salary Structures:

eHire conducted a comprehensive market-based study to align salary structures for Featurespace's US operations. This analysis ensured that the company's compensation packages were competitive, enabling them to attract skilled professionals in the American market.


Prioritization Matrix and Hiring Sequencing:

eHire developed a prioritization matrix to guide Featurespace in the sequencing of their initial hires. This strategic approach ensured that critical roles were filled first, aligning with Featurespace's business objectives and growth plans.


Recruitment Execution Services:


eHire provided recruitment execution services, assisting Featurespace in filling key engineering leadership and individual contributor positions. Additionally, eHire played a pivotal role in building GTM and implementation teams, ensuring that Featurespace had a strong and capable workforce to drive its operations in the US market.




Thanks to the strategic partnership with eHire, Featurespace achieved remarkable outcomes:


  • Established a thriving North American Headquarters with over 60 employees.

  • Positioned Featurespace as an employer of choice in the industry, attracting top talent.

  • Named the 2021 Technology Association of Georgia Innovative Company of the Year, showcasing their market leadership and innovation.




The collaboration between Featurespace and eHire stands as a testament to the power of strategic planning and targeted execution in market expansion. Through meticulous market analysis, community engagement, and talent acquisition strategies, Featurespace successfully navigated the complexities of the US market, achieving unprecedented growth and recognition as an industry leader. This case study underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in driving business success in the global arena.

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