Technical Project Planning

Execute Critical Projects On Time and On Budget

Technical leaders faced with a challenging project often wonder if they have the right team in place to execute. Enhanced Services offers independent project assessments and support so you can start your project off right, deliver on time and stay within budget.

Technology Projects

How we can help

  • Experience Based Assessment

  • Practical Planning and Budgeting

  • Team Scalability On Demand


How we’ll work together

  • Assessment

  • Roadmap

  • Team Assembly

  • Milestone Based Delivery

How Do We Compare?

  • Other Agencies

  • managing technology budgets


  • Gives you accurate estimate you can use to plan for success

  • Miscalculate estimates because they don’t understand the project

  • technology leadership

    Team Structure

  • Deploys a highly experienced team who have completed hundreds of complex projects

  • Prioritize profitability by using a mix of junior people and poorly vetted freelancers

  • team collaboration


  • Adapt to your existing work styles and tools with regular cadence and milestones to keep everyone on the same page

  • Require you to work within a rigid process with long gaps of silence and unnecessary complexity

  • experienced developers

    Depth of Skills

  • Team experienced with many technologies and languages to meet your needs

  • Experts in a single technology or platform with limited adaptability

  • quality software


  • Extensive tests run to ensure quality along with third-party code verification

  • Inconsistent quality which puts your project at risk for both time and budget.

Client Meeting

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Don't stay in the dark about your project a moment longer. Gain confidence with a complimentary consultation. We will meet, learn more about your project and explore ways we can help give you peace of mind and increase your likelihood of success.