Tight Labor Market

Complex Talent Searches Made Easy

Senior executives who have unique openings are often worried and frustrated about finding the perfect hire with a limited candidate pool. Search helps to engage highly sought-after candidates so leaders can fill critical these roles and meet their most strategic goals.

Hiring Great Talent

How we can help

  • Elite Team of Recruiters

  • Personalized Process

  • Guaranteed Results


How we'll work together

  • 1. Consultation

  • 2. Agreement

  • 3. Candidate Engagement Process

  • 4. Deliver Best Candidate

eHire vs Competition

  • Other Agencies

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  • Small tenured team with over 70 years of combined recruiting experience

  • Large team with a mix of junior and senior recruiters with varied experience levels

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  • We specialize in Director and VP leadership roles

  • Focus on individual contributors

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  • We only accept a small number of searches at a time

  • Recruiters work on a large volume of executive searches

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  • Highly customized model to help you market your role, source the best candidates and facilitate the interview process

  • Only focus on filling the role, along with all the others on their roster

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  • Guaranteed milestones to ensure you have a diverse set of candidates. Our 95% industry-leading close ratio helps you get the person you want when you make the offer.

  • No guarantee, which introduces a lot of risk into the process with both time and money.

Hiring Great Talent

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