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So, you've heard about our new product, Endorsed Resume. You can find out more about the technology and its applications on this page. If you'd like to hear more, reach out to help@ehire.com

How does Endorsed Resume work?

  • Jill worked as a Developer through eHire from 2012 - 2015. She adds this as a Statement to her Endorsed Resume.

  • eHire can add an endorsement of Jill's Statement to their own Blockwillow blockchain.

  • A third-party viewer of Jill's resume can look at her Statement, look at eHire's endorsement of that Statement, and feel confident that it's true.

Tech Talk: The Technology Behind Endorsed Resume

BlockWillow blockchains consist of two main parts - a trunk, which primarily contains Blocks containing proof-of-identity Records, and then <N> branches, each of which contains Records related to whatever information the user wishes to share (Statements and/or Endorsements, for example).

Because the Endorsement is a hash of the original data, the Endorsement information can be placed out publicly on the Internet, and no one will be able to tell what it means. On the other hand, candidates have control over whether their Statement is placed in her BlockWillow chain, and their Statement is only exposed to the world when they chooses to make it public.

What is Blockwillow?

Blockwillow is a non-financial Blockchain system which specializes in the concept of managing and maintaining “Endorsed Documents”. The Records in the Blocks in a BlockWillow blockchain represent either the element of these Endorsed Documents, or the third-party endorsements of those elements.

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Ownership of Your Data

As an individual, you can carry your verified background check with you your entire career.


Prove your experience before you walk in the door and land that first interview faster.

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Start your job search with the confidence that you will pass your background quickly and get started faster.