6 Work Resolutions for the New Year


1. Embrace Social Media

Social media is here to stay. You should integrate Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. into your life as soon as possible. Don’t worry about being an expert, just make sure you understand the technology and are able to use it. Many professionals network with and stay updated on their industry through Social Media, don’t get left out!

2. Attract Top Talent

Survey your employees and find out why they like working for your company and what they want to see improved, making some of those improvements will make it easier to attract top talent. An employee’s biggest challenge should be doing great work, not overcoming the obstacles your company creates along the way.

3. Stay Motivated

We make resolutions every year. Typically we stay on track for a few weeks but then we slip back into our “bad” habits. This year try a few techniques to keep yourself on track: have a resolution partner, forget perfection – just do it, set specific goals at deadlines, see more here.

4. Don’t Skip the Gym

Staying active keeps your body healthy and your brain functioning optimally. After adopting a fitness routine, not only will you feel better but you’ll look better and we all know confidence always come in handy, especially in the business world. Exercise can also help with stress management. Stuck at your desk or traveling? Check this out for some exercises you can do without weights or a gym.

5. Be Positive

Does anyone like working with negative coworkers? No. This is a no-brainer. Not only will your coworkers appreciate your new positive attitude but you might find that you’re happier and more satisfied at work as a result. A good thing to ask yourself are the 3 P’s: personal, permanent, and (big) picture?

6. Be Productive

Often times, we are our own worst enemy. Get out of your own way and check out these 10 Laws of Productivity, best article I’ve read on it this year.