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    Atlanta, Georgia

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    Senior Software Engineer - Platform

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    Direct Hire

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Title:  Senior Software Engineer - Platform

Our Product is a front-end application development platform designed for enterprise problem-solvers to quickly build beautiful, tailor-made applications. With us, it is easy to connect to disparate data sources, assemble highly complex, made-to-order applications, and instantly make changes—all declaratively.  With the power to innovate, permission to experiment, and the promise of agility, our customers can focus on staying competitive in the next wave of innovation. We have over 5M users in 30+ countries, and its customers range from Fortune 2000 to other enterprise companies and SMBs.

We hire exceptional individuals, invests in their growth and development, and offers them an environment of shared goals and values, rich experiences and opportunities. In turn, our employees take their projects and responsibilities very seriously, without taking themselves too seriously. We seek caring heroes, humble experts, and design thinkers whose talents and accomplishments will contribute to a thriving company, who have the character to support their capacity, and can make a positive impact on our culture. If you believe you have what it takes to earn the trust of others, you will fit in well.


About This Position

Our Product has been helping Salesforce customers build compelling user experiences since 2013, but we recognize that not everyone uses Salesforce. The Platform team is building a modern cloud platform to drive our growth into markets where Salesforce isn't ubiquitous. We're rapidly growing this new group with the full support and enthusiasm of our executive team.



  • Develop scalable, highly available microservices on AWS in Go/Node.js/SQL.
  • Collaborate with the team to design high level solutions that meet business requirements. Document the outcomes of these design sessions, creating technical specifications as needed.
  • Support continuous improvement by investigating alternatives and technologies and presenting these for peer review.
  • Mentor and guide your teammates on engineering, security, and observability to help the team arrive at the most robust solutions.
  • Proactively support and enable solutions, presales, and other internal engineering teams.
  • Work closely with the Technical Support team to assist with customer issues as needed.
  • Other duties as required. 


  • You have proven expertise building (and debugging) scalable, high availability backends and services in a high level, server-side language like Go, Node, Rails, Java, or Elixir.
  • You thrive on being given a problem and being trusted to find a great solution. When you say, "I've got this," we know you'll get it done well.
  • You're proactive. When you see a need, you step in and fill that need.
  • You believe in supporting what you build. You actively watch for bug reports and work closely with the support team to assist with customer issues as needed.
  • You choose the language, framework, or technology to fit the job, not the other way around. When you see an opportunity to improve the way we're doing something, you’re comfortable sharing that alternative with the team.
  • You're comfortable breaking new ground and embrace failure as a necessary part of the discovery process.