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We consistently research market employment trends to better understand what top employers seek in great candidates. Below are some highlights.

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Tech Trends in 2018

Most sought after employee attributes

What do candidates look for in career opportunities? This is an important question that should be answered when trying to create a balanced work place.


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Sales & Marketing

We are an integral part of driving our customers growth by providing the most accomplished sales, business development, and marketing professionals who have a track record of performing well over their quota.
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We intently focus on building best-of-breed software engineering and management teams for growing companies
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What Others Are Saying

“It was a GREAT pleasure to work with eHire team while trying to get into my new company. They were very prompt in following up with the client and always kept me aware of the progress. The professionalism they showed in their communication, facilitation and organization was truly impressive!”

- Antro Peter, Lead Developer, Intercontinental Exchange