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  • ​I have worked with plenty of recruiters while on the job hunt. eHire was the first, and only, firm that did exactly what I would expect. They were always engaging, updated me in a timely manner, gave me incredible feedback, lobbied the company on my behalf, and seemed to genuinely take an interest in me personally rather than viewing me as just another job seeker.

    Charlie - Software Trainer, SaaS Company
  • ​eHire helped me to find my latest position and was a great partner in finding the right work for me. After contacting them, I had an offer letter within three weeks that was with a position that did not force me to move, exceeded the expected salary range and placed me in a position that I'm quite happy with.

    Andrew - Developer, FinTech Company
  • ​eHire has been a huge asset to our company. While we were building an engineering team in Atlanta from scratch, we used several recruiting agencies and went through hundreds of resumes. Just when we were beginning to think that there was no good talent to be found, we started working with eHire.They were able to help us build out our team with top talent and without wasting our time.

    Andy - CTO at eCommerce Company
  • ​Our business unit found itself with an immediate need to fill two positions that required a niche skill set. eHire helped us find three qualified candidates on short notice, and one of them helped to develop the framework that we are currently using. We couldn’t have asked for a better match, and expect the insights from his experience to significantly grow the expertise of our team over the course of our project.

    Mark - Solutions Architect, FinTech Company
  • We brought in eHire who started off by filling 4 out of 5 roles open in just three months. We tested out a couple of other agencies but keep coming back to eHire because they took time to understand our needs, don't waste our time with poor quality candidates and provide a deep understanding of each candidates status so that we can make compelling offers that are accepted. 

    Tom - VP of Engineering, SaaS Company
  • ​Partnering with eHire was one of the best decisions I've made in my career. I was happy at my previous position but decided to explore other opportunities with the help of eHire's committed and supportive team. Now, I’m at a wonderful company that supports me and my ambitions. The team at eHire always made me feel like a priority and not a burden.

    Ritwik - Business Intelligence Analyst

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