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11 November 2019 by Laura Arnold
E Hire Tipstoavoidbias

​Let’s face it: we all come to the hiring process with our box of biases. Experiences throughout our careers shape how we think. It also affects what we feel is a good fit for our team (and what is not).

It is hard to admit it, though. Biases are often unconscious, meaning we are not aware of them.

The unfortunate outcome is you risk filtering out high potential candidates. Or worse, landing in legal trouble.

Hiring someone with familiar attributes may reduce your overall risk. The downside is you may not attract the best talent to reach your business goals.

Laura Arnold, Director of People Operations at eHire, offers some wisdom on this topic. Additionally, she shares some practical tips you can implement to get better hiring results.

In this video, Laura explains:

  • The definition of unconscious bias

  • Examples of bias in your company

  • One simple step you can take to avoid bias