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Empowering Innovation and Talent Acquisition - eHire's Partnership with Stanley Black & Decker




In 2015, Stanley Black & Decker, a Fortune 500 giant, made a strategic decision to establish a cutting-edge software engineering and product innovation center named "The Digital Accelerator" in Atlanta. Recognizing the significance of this initiative, Stanley Black & Decker sought the expertise of eHire, a talent solutions company renowned for its proficiency in innovation center setups and talent acquisition.




Location Selection: Identifying the optimal location to access top-tier innovation talent crucial for the success of The Digital Accelerator.


Messaging Strategy: Developing a compelling key messaging strategy to attract the best-in-class innovation talent in the highly competitive market.


Community Integration: Introducing Stanley Black & Decker's executives and brand to key organizations, events, and academic partners in the Atlanta technology community for seamless integration into the local ecosystem.


Strategic Approach:


Location and Talent Strategy:

eHire provided invaluable guidance to Stanley Black & Decker in determining the ideal location in Atlanta to access a rich pool of innovation talent. This strategic decision set the foundation for the success of The Digital Accelerator.


Messaging Strategy and Hiring Optimization:

eHire developed a compelling key messaging strategy and optimized the hiring process to attract top-notch innovation talent. By aligning Stanley Black & Decker's brand with the aspirations of the talent market, eHire ensured a consistent and appealing communication approach.


Community Engagement and Networking:

eHire played a pivotal role in introducing Stanley Black & Decker's executives and brand to key organizations, events, and academic partners in the Atlanta technology community. This strategic networking facilitated seamless integration, fostering valuable collaborations and partnerships.


Leadership Recruitment and Growth Facilitation:

eHire collaborated closely with Stanley Black & Decker’s Executive Leadership and Talent Acquisition teams. They successfully recruited, selected, and hired the first 6 VP/Directors in Atlanta, overseeing critical functions such as Data Science & Analytics, Digital Product, IoT & Platform Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Platform Architecture. Furthermore, eHire continued to support the growth of the unit, ensuring the recruitment of over 130 technologists and support staff.




The collaboration between eHire and Stanley Black & Decker resulted in significant achievements:


Establishment of The Digital Accelerator: The successful setup of The Digital Accelerator in Atlanta, serving as a hub for innovation and technological advancements within the global enterprise.


Leadership and Talent Acquisition: eHire’s strategic recruitment efforts led to the hiring of key leaders and individual contributors, forming a talented and cohesive team within The Digital Accelerator.


Innovative Technology Initiatives: The engineering unit at The Digital Accelerator spearheaded innovative technology initiatives across various sectors, including Supply Chain, Sales and marketing, Finance, and Consumer-facing eCommerce, driving the company's digital transformation.




The strategic partnership between eHire and Stanley Black & Decker exemplifies the impact of strategic planning and community integration in establishing successful innovation centers. By leveraging eHire's expertise, Stanley Black & Decker not only established a thriving hub of innovation but also integrated seamlessly into the vibrant Atlanta technology ecosystem. This case study underscores the critical role of strategic guidance and talent acquisition in propelling Fortune 500 companies toward digital excellence and innovation leadership.


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